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2017 Spring Grants

Weighted Blankets and Vests

Students will use to utilize as sensory tools in order to help increase their self-regulation and promote calming, focusing and organizing effects to promote optimal learning.

Stand 2 Learn

Provide a standing desk station in each 3rd-5th grade classroom which would allow students an opportunity to improve their self-regulation, increase their focus and energy and allow for movement during instruction while promoting optimal learning.

Active Seating/Flexible Learning

To get an assortment of active seating/flexible learning options for the benefit of all students in the classroom. This would include 24 active seats and two student standing desks. Students can maintain low-level physical activity which is linked to higher academic performance.

LEGO Engineering Kits

The Lego WeDo 2.0 kits had an overwhelming response. I have been asked to pilot and participate in a research study through Lego Education in London. As part of this study, I am receiving some kits to try with students and would like to have a few more kits to really expand their learning.

Outdoor Learning Equipment

The kindergarten team is asking for two Home Depot pitcher pumps and 1 set of Kodo Outdoor Ramps. These will extend children’s learning by allowing them to use Laker learning traits and E-STEM skills such as collaborating, designing, problem-solving and experimenting.

Pre-K Maker Kit (MakinMaker)

Use Makers Kit to give the opportunity for an enhanced educational experience; explore creating and learning in the following areas: electricity, robotics, multiple dimensions, simple machines, solar power, and building structures.